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 A Hitchhiker's Guide to Zul'Aman

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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Zul'Aman Empty
PostSubject: A Hitchhiker's Guide to Zul'Aman   A Hitchhiker's Guide to Zul'Aman I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 05, 2009 8:19 pm

Since I did such an awesome -cough- job on writing that little Karazhan Guide, Dz asked me to write one for Zul'Aman too! WOO!
An avarage Zul'Aman group consists of 3 healers, 2 tanks and 5 DPS, depending on who specifically, one of the healers can be dropped for a 6th DPS
Luckily for me, the timed run event is currently disabled, so I'm not even gonna bother explaining that and head straight to the bosses.
The first four (The avatars) can be tackled in any order. I'll line them up from easiest to hardest.

Nalorakk (Bear)
Nalorakk is the Bear avatar and has two phases. It's a pretty straightforward fight.
  • Troll Form: The two tanks should be within 8 yards of eachother on the same side of the boss so they can share damage from Nalorakk's Brutal Swipe, during this phase Nalorakk will charge at random players, knocking them back 10 yards and dealing some damage.
    Just before Nalorakk changes into his bear form, he will mangle the main tank, who should then go sit in some corner while the other tank tanks...
  • Bear Form: During this phase, Nalorakk's attacks will consist mostly of bleed attacks, which is the reason the Mangle'd tank should go hide. He will continue charging at people, and will use Deafening Roar occassionally, silencing everyone for 2 seconds and dealing minor damage

Mages can use Amplify Magic since there is no magic damage in this bossfight.
"You call on da beast, you gonna get more dan you bargain for!"

Halazzi (Lynx)
Halazzi is the Lynx avatar. The encounter consists of three phases. Halazzi is a will fight alone (phase 1) until taken to 75%, 50% and 25%, at which point he splits into his Troll Spirit and a Spirit of the Lynx (phase 2). Reduce either spirit to 20% health to reunite them. Once reunited after the third split (25%), Halazzi transitions to phase 3.

  • Fused Form: Halazzi will use two abilities during this phase, the first is a Saber Lash, which works like Nalorakk's Brutal Swipe, thus requiring two tanks to be near eachother at all times. The second is a small enrage, which can and should be tranquilized by a hunter.
  • Split Form: Halazzi will split in his normal troll form, and a lynx spirit. Upon changing forms, he will do 4k damage to the raid. During this form the Hunter, if present, should tranquilize the Lynx Spirit whenever it uses it's enrage, all dps should focus on the Lynx since it has less HP. Corrupted Lightning Totems will spawn during this phase, these should be destroyed ASAP. When either form is reduced to 20% HP, they will reunite.
  • Enrage: When Halazzi's fused form reaches 25%, he will enrage start using abilities from both phase 1 and 2. The enrage cannot be tranquilized, the abilities still can be.

"Spirit, come back to me!"

Jan'alai (Dragonhawk)
Jan'alai is the Dragonhawk avatar and has two phases.
DPS should not get him past 35% untill all the dragonhawk hatchlings are dead.
At the start of the fight, Jan'alai will call 2 Hatchers, one of which should be killed while the other starts hatching dragonhawks, the dragonhawks should be killed fast (They use flame buffet, which increases fire damage taken, there's a lot of fire in this fight)
If both hatchers are dead, and there are still eggs to be hatched, Jan'Alai will call new ones.
When one side runs out of eggs to be hatched, the hatcher will move two the other side.
During the full length of the encounter Jan'alai will summon the raid to him and start throwing bombs randomly, these will explode aftera short amount of time dealing heavy damage within 5 yards, don't be in range.
When both sides are cleared of eggs, kill the hatcher and DPS Jan'alai down.
At 35% Jan'alai will enrage, getting a small bonus to damage, this will also cause all unhatched dragonhawks to hatch, which will make short work of the raid.
"I burn ya now!"

Akil'zon (Eagle)
Akil'zon is the Eagle avatar and has 2 phases. If the tank has nature resistance armor this would be very beneficial.
The raid should be spread around the platform Akil'zon is standing on to avoid getting hit by the Static Disruption.
Akil'zon has 2 abilities to watch out for, the first is Static disruption, which deals nature damage and increases nature damage taken by 25% (stacks), at 4 stacks, the MT should change, tank 2 tanks while tank 1 hides and waits for the debuff to fade.
The second is the Electrical Storm, which stuns a random player and takes him in the air, everyone not directly below the stunned player will be struck for nature damage which is doubled with each subsequent hit. When Akil'zon is going to use Electrical Storm it will start raining first, when it starts raining it would be wise to just stack on the boss already, after the storm everyone should get out asap.
After the first storm, Akil'zon will summon Soaring Eagles, which can be killed.
Lastly he will use Gust of Wind to throw a random (non-tank) person 80 yards in the air, the ability causes no damage, but the person will take fall damage (unless slowing his fall).
"Stop your cryin'!"

Hex Lord Malacrass
The door to Hex Lord Malacrass opens when all 4 avatars are dead.
He starts with 4 random adds, much like Moroes from Karazhan. There will always be a sap/sheepable, hibernatable, banishable, and shacklable mob but additional CC types may come in to play as well. Possible adds are:
  • Far Left (Humanoid)
    - Thurg - An ogre melee. Sap, trap or polymorph can be used. Thurg has some magic resistance and will often break polymorph and traps early.
    - Alyson Antille - A blood elf priest. Can be polymorphed or sapped. Her heals need to be interrupted.
  • Left (Hibernatable)
    - Lord Raadan - A dragonkin which uses flamebreath and thunderclap. Can be slept or trapped. Due to his AoE abilities killing him is highly recommended.
    - Slither - A serpent with a poison bolt volley. Can be slept or polymorphed.
  • Right (Banishable)
    - Gazakroth - An imp. Chain casts fireballs. Banish or kill it quickly. He has no aggro list and will target players at random.
    - Fenstalker - A swampwalker type elemental. Can be banished or trapped. Casts Volatile Infection on a player, dealing 1885 to 2115 Nature damage to nearby allies every 5 sec for 30 seconds.
  • Far Right (Shacklable)
    - Darkheart - An undead wraith melee with an AoE Fear. Can be shackled or feared by a Paladin (Turn Evil).
    - Koragg - An undead wight. Can be shackled or feared by a paladin. Casts knockback and a 20 yard AoE curse Cold Stare which deals 1414 to 1586 Frost damage if spell or ability is used.

Every minute or so he will drain everyone of their power by 1% and giving it to himself, thus increasing his size and his damage by 10%. Places a stacking debuff on players that decreases their damage.
Randomly casts soul drain on a raid member, absorbing the character's abilities and amplifying their power. The possible soul drains are:
  • Druid - Lifebloom, Thorns, Moonfire
  • Hunter - Explosive Trap, Freezing Trap, Snake Trap
  • Mage - Fireball, Frostbolt, Frost Nova, Ice Lance
  • Paladin - Consecration, Holy Light, Avenging Wrath
  • Priest - Heal, Mind Control, Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Death, Psychic Scream, Pain Suppression
  • Rogue - Blind, Slice and Dice, Wound Poison
  • Shaman - Fire Nova Totem, Healing Wave, Chain Lightning
  • Warlock - Curse of Doom, Rain of Fire, Unstable Affliction
  • Warrior - Spell Reflection, Whirlwind, Mortal Strike

"Azzaga choogo zinn!"

Zul'jin is the final boss of Zul'Aman and has no less than 5 phases.
Every time his health drops by 20% he will change phase.

Phase 1: Troll Form
  • Whirlwind: AoE dealing 3k damage on plate, 6k on leather. 2s cast time.
  • Grievous Throw: 1.5-3.5k initial damage on a random player. DoT deals 2.4k damage every 2s, removed if the player has 100% HP.

Phase 2: Bear Form
  • Creeping Paralysis: Debuff on the entire raid. Deals 4.5k Nature damage after 5.5s, and applies the debuff Paralyzed. Paralyzed players are stunned for 4s. Both debuffs are dispellable magic effects. Rogues, you can use Cloak of Shadows during that 6 second span of the Creeping Paralysis debuff to get to avoid getting stunned.
  • Overpower: 4.6-5.9k on the tank, ~9s cooldown.

Phase 3: Eagle Form
  • While in Eagle Form, he remains stationary, and doesn't attack. the rest of his abilities are bugged, just burn through it and use it to heal back up if necessary.

Phase 4: Lynx Form
  • Claw Rage: Zul'jin focuses a random player other than the tank, and hits him 12 times with Claw Rage in about 6s. The first strike deals 500 damage. Every strike applies the stackable debuff Claw Rage, which increases the damage taken by consecutive attacks by 150. Thus, the second hit deals 650, the third 800, and so on. The last hit deals 2150 damage, for a total of 16k. Claw Rage attacks cannot miss, be dodged, parried, or blocked. If the focused player feigns/vanishes/etc, Zul'jin will focus the tank.
  • Lynx Rush: When he uses this ability, he does so 9 times in a row in quick succession. Every attack targets a random player, and deals about 2k damage, further mitigated by armor. The target is chosen completely random; one player might be targeted multiple times in a row (up to 3?), and he can also target the tank. Every player that was attacked also gets the debuff Lynx Hunt, which deals 1.5k damage every 2s over 10s.

Phase 5: Dragonhawk Form
  • Flame Whirl: He gains this buff, rotates for 2sec, then deals 1k Fire damage to the entire raid (partially resistible). This will also apply a stackable debuff that increases Fire damage taken by 50%, which cannot be resisted. 12sec cooldown.
  • Flame Breath: Hits everyone in front of him for 2k Fire damage (partially resistible). 7sec cooldown.
  • Flame Columns: Point Blank AoE cast on a random player (or pet), dealing 900 Fire damage every second for 10 seconds. There may be up to 3 columns at the same time.

"Nobody badduh dan me!"
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Zul'Aman
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